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The EA Financial Solutions Approach

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We have been running successfully for the last 11 years with Chartered Financial Planner Minesh Patel responsible for the day to day running of the business, and his wife Bhavna bringing her analytical skills and caring personality to the fore in her role as Business Development Manager. We attribute our growth to our relationship with our clients.

Affiliated to EA Financial Solutions is Richard Simmonds, an Outsourced Paraplanner with over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry. He is responsible for conducting product research as well as providing us with a technical resource and report writing services.

We have recently been joined by Gregory Demou on our Internship Scheme who is keen to develop his career in financial services having graduated from University with a Banking and Finance degree.

As a team, we form a tightly knit unit to offer a world class service to our clients, we serve business owners past and present and higher earnings city Professionals. The cornerstone of our service is financial planning. A financial plan is something which can span a relatively short period of time in order to achieve a specific objective, such as saving for a child’s education for instance. Or, it can last a lifetime, taking a client and their loved ones through their working years, into retirement and ensuring their financial affairs are closely aligned to their wishes upon death.

We take our responsibilities towards our clients very seriously and with a great deal of sensitivity. We do not believe in the one size fits all approach which characterises the advice given by a certain type of advisory firm. Rather, we will bespoke the financial plan to the individual and review that plan at agreed intervals to ensure it remains on track, and also remains relevant.

We appreciate that not all clients require the same type of service from us, so we offer three distinct services which we believe should accommodate the needs of most of our clients. These are;

  1. The Full Financial Planning Service. This is for those who require regular contact from us. We will have agreed a financial plan which covers all aspects of their financial needs including, protection, tax planning, retirement planning and estate planning. Once the financial plan has been agreed, we will also agree the frequency in which the plan is reviewed. As well as periodic reviews, we will be on hand to provide advice and guidance throughout the year whenever it is required. Whenever there are issues such as relevant legislation changes, we will pro-actively contact clients to alert them of any action that needs taking.
  2. The Transactional Advice Service. This service also offers periodic reviews, but will only concentrate on specific aspects of financial planning required by the client such as retirement planning for instance. Although we are not pro-active with clients in the way we describe for the Full Financial Planning Service, we are on hand to provide advice and guidance whenever it is required.
  3. Event Based Advice Service. This service is intended for individuals who only require advice related to a specific event such as a lump sum investment or setting up a trust, and do not anticipate requiring contact from EA Financial Solutions once the advice and implementation stages are complete.

In summary our philosophy is to bring a human approach to the complex world of financial matters. A client’s financial plans should be positioned to help them achieve their goals.