Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

It is never too early to look at the kind of retirement that you want, and how to fund it.  Many of you  have a dream of what you would like to do in your retirement but are uncertain on how to make it a reality.

You may be concerned that you have a single or several small pension pots sitting around, and wonder whether you should leave them alone, merge or transfer them. You may think your employer is looking after your pension pot or you may not have any pension.  

To those that are looking to start investing in pensions whether with a lump sum and/or regular savings, the sooner you start the sooner you will enjoy the tax advantages and help to minimise any pension shortfall.

The state pension on its own is unlikely to provide for a comfortable retirement, but retirement planning need not be a headache. We can help you go through how you want to spend your retirement years, what provision you have already made, and what choices you have. Then we can help you see how your pension funds, ISAs, property and savings relate to that.
Our cashflow forecasting software will show you a detailed map of the future, and what your needs and income are likely to be at each stage of your life.  We can help you keep up to date with pension changes, and plan how to support the retirement you want. 

If you are looking for independent financial advice or not sure what pension you need contact us. Please see the menu below to view each of the pension services we advise on.