Financial Planning

Financial Planning

You will almost certainly have dreams of one kind or another - buying a home, starting a family, living abroad, perhaps retiring, but such ambitions have financial implications and you can't leave it all to chance. Careful planning aims to help turn your plans into reality and the sooner you start your financial planning the greater your chance of realising your goals.

Financial planning means understanding all aspects of your current situation, then taking decisions about the future. We at EA Financial Solutions Ltd can help make it happen.  Once we have established our relationship, conducted our fact find and review meetings, assessed your tolerance to risk and defined a planning report are all part of the strategy to put you on the right track.

The benefit of a defined plan is that you invest with a specific objective – and not simply to make as much as possible with the least risk. A plan enables the investment choices you make to be aligned to the things you want to achieve. And that means you put your money to work by investing rather than speculating.  It also means that are not overpaying for market returns. You’re also able to invest money over appropriate timescales, handle market fluctuations and buy low and sell high. A plan lets you take risks that you can afford and be rewarded for doing so, and reduce or eliminate risk at all other times.

We can look after all the detail, taking away as much of the administrative burden as you wish. We constantly monitor the financial markets to keep up to date so that we can pass on relevant information and suggest changes as appropriate. We know that we provide good value for money, with charges and fees clearly stated up front, and our clients overwhelmingly endorse us.

Our service is person to person, tailored to you and delivered by those with your interest at heart.

We will have regular discussions so that you can let us know how you feel. We will ensure that we continue to optimise your assets in line with your financial objectives.

We are always committed and will always be on hand whenever you contact us, responding quickly to provide reassurance and support. We cultivate confidence and trust in our relationships.