Our Fees

Our Fees

To remove any doubt on these matters EA Financial Solutions offers fee-based advice. Under this system there is no conflict of interest, we are obliged to fully disclose compensation and we will put your interests first. Our advisors always recommend independent financial products and funds from across the market place without ties to any particular company or group of companies, thereby giving you unbiased financial advice.

We always obtain written authorisation for adviser fees for the professional advice, implementation and review services we provide.

First Meeting

The initial meeting is always held without charge or obligation.  We will give a brief outline of our service, our fees and always recommend that you ‘shop around’ before agreeing to sign up to our services.

Following this first meeting we will send you a copy of our client agreement letter describing the services we will provide and the fees for these services. We will never charge you anything until you have agreed how we are to be paid by signing a copy of the client agreement letter.


We charge you a fixed fee for the acquisition and analysis of data, which includes a detailed fact find, risk analysis questionnaire and the provision of a written financial planning report or suitability letter with our recommendations.  All of which are presented to you, giving you the opportunity to ask any supplementary questions.  We charge fifty percent of the financial planning fee upfront and the remaining balance of the fees on completion of the report.

We will tell you the precise fee for our advice in your client agreement letter.

Our advice fee is payable, either by directly invoicing you or an adhoc adviser fee deducted directly from your investment or pension portfolio.  If we do not carry out any implementation activity, this is the only fee you will pay.


In addition to the advice fee, we typically charge an implementation fee or initial adviser fee of an agreed percentage of the amount invested. This initial adviser fee implementation fee is deducted directly from your investment portfolio when we implement a financial product on your behalf.

Whilst we charge fees in respect of most financial products that we implement for our clients, our implementation fee for arranging life assurance is the payment of commission on a ‘non-indemnity’ basis. We will always disclose to you the precise amount of commission to be paid before you make an application.


If you require an ongoing review service, we charge an ongoing adviser fee of an agreed percentage of the value of investments under management. Our ongoing adviser fee is deducted directly from your investment portfolio.

The ongoing adviser fee pays for the ongoing relationship which will include periodic financial summaries and review meetings to discuss any changes you might need to make to your financial plans. Included within this review fee is the cost of any portfolio rebalancing or fund switching recommendations.

Get in touch

Please do call us on 0208 4463231 or email [email protected] with any questions you have. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your requirements for independent financial advice or planning in greater detail.