Our Advice

Our Advice

Our approach to helping you achieve your financial goals and objectives is as follows:

During the meeting we will listen and ask questions to determine what you want are your financial objectives and review your existing financial arrangements. During this process we may also investigate your personal affairs.

Spending time getting to know you

Your independent financial adviser will listen to you in confidence and study your entire financial position. Advisers are legally obliged to carry out full "fact finds" before they can establish what your requirements are. This is the most important part of the planning process to ensure we are fully aware of your current financial situation, your individual needs and aspirations, and requirements for financial security. This means they will need to know about your income, your mortgage, your insurance cover, your debts, your pension, your savings and so on.

Then they will ask you about your objectives for the future and what your plans are for the short, medium and long term. They will ask you about your attitude to risk helping them recommend the most appropriate investments for the future.

Before any fees are even considered, we will decide if we can help.

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Carrying out research and analysis

Once the “fact find” is completed we will look in depth at all your existing financial arrangements and look at where improvements need to be made or alternative financial solutions to meet your objectives.

Providing you with a financial report

Before recommending any actual products, the adviser will write a comprehensive report setting out his recommendations and his reasons for making them using words and terminology that is clear and understandable. The advice might include changing existing investments or filling gaps with new financial products. We are always independent and impartial in our recommendations and thoroughly research the whole of the market.

Implement recommendations

Once we agree with you a course of action, we put in place any recommended plans or arrangements.

Keeping your plans under regular review

In our experience, the best financial plans are those that are reviewed regularly and kept on track to achieve your objectives.

The next step

To find out more about becoming a client of EA Financial Solutions, the next step is to arrange a meeting. This is at our expense and without any obligation. Remember, we are happy to travel to meet with you.

Ahead of this first meeting we will send you a welcome pack with some important documents to complete, including our confidential financial questionnaire and client agreement. You can concentrate on these ahead of the meeting, so we can spend time talking about your goals and objectives.

Call us on 0208 4463231 or email [email protected] to arrange a meeting.