Our Services

Our Services

Our financial planning services are just that - we are not in the business of offering product related advice but an all-round financial advisory service. “Money is a means to an end” – our job is to advise you on the means to get money; the end is what you want or need to buy with the money. We can help you understand the implications of the financial decisions you make on your life and your family.

Many of our clients are referred to us through personal recommendations. However, if this is your first experience of EA Financial Solutions you can always check our background with the Financial Conduct Authority before going any further. You can do this by calling 0207 066 5256 or by visiting www.fca.org.uk/register.

Our advisors are happy to provide an initial thirty minutes consultation meeting free of charge with no obligation. In order to make the most of this time, we encourage you to bring along as much information about your current financial situation as you can to obtain a clear idea of what your aims and objectives are. This enables the advisers to explain what type of service they could offer you and how they could tackle your situation. Don't feel embarrassed to ask questions if you don't understand something. This discussion will help you to establish how well you would get along with the adviser on a personal level because it is important to feel comfortable with someone to whom you will have to reveal a considerable amount of personal information about yourself.

Your independent financial adviser will listen to you in confidence and study your entire financial position. This is the most important part of the planning process to ensure we are fully aware of your current financial situation, your individual needs and aspirations, and requirements for financial security. Before any fees are even considered, we will decide if we can help.

We are a truly Independent Financial Adviser firm and offer access to every solution in the market place. Your dedicated independent financial adviser will then design a financial plan for your financial security, and after implementation, will create a review program to suit your needs and achieve your financial security.

Treating Customers Fairly

Our company ethos matches the Financial Conduct Authority approach to treating customers fairly. During EA Financial Solution’s assessment in February 2011 the then Financial Services Authority were satisfied that we had taken adequate actions to ensure our business had the ability to deliver fair outcomes for customers. At EAFS we can provide many examples of the outcomes resulting from these actions, which the FCA agree help to demonstrate that the fair treatment of customers are central to the ethos and culture of your firm.

In particular the FCA agrees that our firm appears to have a very robust and detailed sales process with attention given to ensuring that our customers are fully aware of the product they had bought and why the advice was given providing further confirmation that our customers are being treated fairly.