Savings and Investments

Savings and Investments

EA Financial Advisers can play a vital part in helping guide you through the financial and investment decisions in your life. Whether it's helping with the day-to-day financial dilemmas, or the more important milestones - from arranging your first mortgage to saving for a child's education – our advisers are there to help sort the good from the bad in an increasingly crowded marketplace of investment products and providers.

Just as the number of investment products such as ISA, pensions, funds, bonds and other investment products have grown at a bewildering rate over recent years, it is even more important to find the right investment adviser.

EA Financial Solution is a truly Independent Financial Advisory firm and offer access to every solution in the market place. Our advisors will carry out full "fact finds" before they can establish what your requirements are. They will ask you to provide detailed information about yourself and your financial circumstances including information about your income, your mortgage, your insurance cover, your debts, your pension, and your savings and so on.

Then they will ask you about your objectives for the future and what your plans are for the short, medium and long term. This way they will be able to analyse your present situation and recommend where improvements need to be made to your existing arrangements or alternative ways in which you can achieve your future. They will ask you about your attitude to risk helping them recommend the most appropriate investments for the future.

When discussing investments our advisers will discuss the importance of asset allocation - spreading your investments across the different asset classes: cash, property, equities and fixed interest securities - before recommending any actual products. The advisor will then develop a comprehensive financial plan setting out their recommendations and their reasons for making them. They will help map out your financial future make you financially better organised and help keep you and your family secure in the knowledge that your affairs are being dealt with by a Company who cares. After that it is up to you to decide whether to go ahead.